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May 11, 2017 Renee - Videos - WWE

WWE Superstars like Alexa Bliss, Tyler Breeze and Gallows & Anderson share their prom memories in the latest episode of WWE Pop Question. What fashion choices did Renee make for her prom? Find out above!

The season finale is here and closes out with Summerslam, which sees Renee help organize a WWE ‘Prom’, host a Tapout workout session in New York and of course, present Summerslam, featuring the return of Nikki Bella!

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May 10, 2017 Screen Captures - Talking Smack - Videos

Talking Smack broadcast from London, England this week and saw a slightly different format in which guests were interviewed by Dasha backstage, instead of coming on to the Talking Smack set. We’re not sure if this was just for this week or the new format going forward, but Renee and JBL picked apart Smackdowns happenings with interviews from Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley and The Usos. Check out some highlights above.

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This week Renee and Stacey get real about Girl Boss and then get pretty heated about how their baby girl Kelly Ripa has been treated. Oh yeah. They go there!

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Drama strikes agan on Total Divas as Renee and Nattie come to verbal blows over marketing ideas for their pets. Nattie accuses Renee of stealing her ideas, when in fact Nattie got the idea in the first place from The Bellas. Another passing storm for the ladies this week, check out Renee’s clips above!

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Renee had the daunting task of interviewing Kevin Owens on Talking Smack, which is always a good time. She also welcomed guests AJ Styles, and the new ‘Welcoming Committee’ of Carmella, James Ellsworth, Natalya and Tamina. Lots of angry and ruthless people on Talking Smack this week!

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Renee attempted to interview Chris Jericho on Smackdown, only to be interrupted by a sobbing Aiden English. Jericho tells him theres no crying on Smackdown and adds him to The List! And decides to add Renee to it too! But that’s okay, he put her down as Ronnie, so technically, she’s not on it. Check out the clip above!

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May 02, 2017 Q&A - Renee - Site Exclusives - Videos

Thank you for all of your question submissions for the q&a with Renee. Although there were many submitted, we couldn’t use all of them. So, some of the most original and a few questions just for fun were passed along to Renee. I wasn’t expecting for her to answer all of the questions on the list submitted, but she was awesome enough to do so. And not only did she answer all of the questions, but she did so in video form. So, a huge shout out and thank you to her for that! Now, on to the video… Enjoy! 😀