Welcome to Renee-Young.Com, the newest source for WWE's pretty, funny, blonde broadcaster, Renee Young! You can catch Renee weekly on Tuesday nights on SmackDown Live, with Talking Smack afterwards on WWE Network! Beginning November 16th, tune in weekly on Wednesdays to Total Divas on E! and get an insight into Renee's life, on the other side of the microphone.
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November 17, 2016 Gallery Updates - Renee - Screen Captures - Total Divas

I’ve added screen captures from last night’s episode of Total Divas to the photo gallery. Find them at the link underneath the preview below.

Gallery Link:
Home > Total Divas > Season 6 > Screen Captures > S6 E1: Total Superstars

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November 17, 2016 Renee - Snapchat - Total Divas - Videos

Yesterday, Renee took over WWE’s Snapchat account for the day. My awesome friend Amanda was gracious enough to snag all of the video clips for me to share on the site, just in case you missed it or happened to want to see it again!

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November 16, 2016 Episode Stills - Gallery Updates - Renee - Total Divas

I’ve added some stills from tonight’s episode of Total Divas, courtesy of WWE.com, to the photo gallery! Find them at the link below.

Gallery Links:
Home > Total Divas > Season 6 > Episode Stills > S6 E1: Total Superstars

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November 16, 2016 Renee - Total Divas - Videos

Tune in tonight at 8/7c on E! Network for the season premiere of Total Divas, to see what Renee has been up to these past few months! Maybe we’ll get to see some Dean and Blue too! Follow the site on twitter (@ReneeYoung_Com) for the premiere, as I give live tweeting a try for the first time. And if you have Snapchat and haven’t been following WWE’s snaps all day, you’re missing out, as Renee has taken over. Make sure to check it out during the show, as well as catch up on all of her snaps for the day!

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November 16, 2016 Chris Jericho - Renee - Unfiltered - WWE

There’s a brand new episode of Unfiltered on the WWE Network, featuring Chris Jericho. You can watch it On Demand now, or catch it when it airs next at 9/8c! Here’s the episode summary, as listed by WWE:

WWE Unfiltered with Renee Young

Chris Jericho

November 16, 2016

A reluctant Chris Jericho joins Renee Young to chat about music, celebs, and all things Canadian. Plus, Jon Stewart stops by for some fun.

Hopefully I can have screen caps up in the gallery from this episode soon! I’m also working on updating all of the Talking Smack screen captures!

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November 15, 2016 Site Updates

Hello and welcome to Renee-Young.Com, the newest fan site for WWE’s Renee Young!

Although it’s still a work in progress (especially the photo gallery), I wanted to get the site up and running as quickly as possible; especially with Total Divas starting tomorrow night!

You won’t find much in the gallery at the moment, but I am working to bring everything up to date. Three years of past WWE work, plus everything that Renee did prior to joining WWE, and everything current is a lot of work for one person! Keep checking back, as I continue to add to the gallery.

In the mean time, you can browse our pages about Renee and her career and possibly learn a thing or two that you may have not already known about Renee. Check out the content in our sidebar, to find out about Renee’s latest projects, view Renee’s social media network, and check out our statistics as well!

If you’d like to become affiliates with Renee-Young.Com, click here to apply!

If you have any donations to the site or would like to join Team Renee, send me an email to reneeyoungdotcom@gmail.com. All donations and any help at all would be greatly appreciated and credit will be given where credit is due!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon to visit, as we follow Renee on her crazy ride called life!


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November 15, 2016 Gallery Updates - Screen Captures - Unfiltered

I have updated the gallery and added screen captures of all of the current season 2 episodes of Unfiltered! You can check them out at the link below!

Gallery Links:
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Roman Reigns
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Charlotte
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Cesaro
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Paige
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Dean Ambrose
Home > WWE Television & Network Programming > Unfiltered > Season 2 > Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson